Senior Statistician, Nuffield Department of Population Health


Senior Statistician, Consultant and Researcher at NDPH in Oxford.

I am the lead statistician and advisor for a number of global research teams and I am particularly interested in statistical analyses in the context of public health (maternal health, geriatric care, radiological protection). My research focuses on the development and application of analytic solutions to complex problems in these fields. Seasonal behaviour and hierarchical models for complex data structures are of particular interest. I act as a Statistical Advisor and Consultant to NDPH researchers and DPhil students. I am also a Module Lead and lecturer in Statistics on the MSc in Global Health Sciences at Oxford.

Statistical Consultant, Oxford University Consulting

Since joining the University of Oxford in 2010, I have been working as a Statistical Consultant with OUC. This is an exciting part of my job and it has allowed me to collaborate with a wide range of individuals, companies and industries in a variety of roles – Analyst, Advisor, Expert Witness, etc.

Fellow, Kellogg College Oxford

I am a Fellow and Chamberlain of Kellogg College Oxford. I convene The Colloquium – a multidisciplinary seminar series aiming to encourage collaboration and dissemination of research at Kellogg.

Vice-Chair, Young Statisticians Section, Royal Statistical Society

The Young Statisticians Section (YSS) unites statisticians in the early stages of their careers, acting as a central resource which supports, promotes, coordinates and provides a voice for all those within the YSS community. As Vice-Chair, I direct and oversee the strategic development of the Section.

Statistics Editor, Cochrane EPOC Group

The Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) Group is a review group of the Cochrane Collaboration focusing on interventions designed to improve the delivery, practice, and organisation of health care services.

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